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Week 3, Day 5



Hello everyone!

My AHA came in! Unfortunately though I can't use it until next Wednesday because I'm at my boyfriend's house and it was delivered to mine, hehe. That's fine, I wanted to wait until close to a month to start using it anyway so it forces me to not cheat and use the stuff too early!

So my big pimples seem better. Yesterday morning I had one that was just filled with pus and nasty looking, but by yesterday night all the pus was gone (It was weird! It's like it just disappeared!) and the pimple was much better looking. All of the pimples from my week 2 breakout are still there but seem to be flattening out.

Several tinnyy whiteheads have cropped up again on my chin and a tiny pimple has emerged next to my nose, but beyond that no new pimples so far. I don't mind the tiny whiteheads because they go away so fast! I'm hoping the pimple next to my nose though wont turn into a giant one. I don't really think it will, it doesn't look like that type, but we'll see. :)

I'm not sure how I feel about my skin at the moment. It's hard to tell how you're doing as far as active pimples goes when you're SO distracted by the nasty flakes and dead skin. - My skin texture is just so rough right now (It looks AWFUL), all I want to do is exfoliate. LOL I'm going to hold out for several more days though until that beautiful night I can use the AHA. I'm dreaming of having all these flakes dissolved in AHAAAAA. XD

So yeah, I THINK I'm clearing up, but it's distracting and a bit difficult to tell with my overall skin just looking icky yucky. Ah well, I'm sticking to it, I really feel like the regimen is going to clear me up. :D I just have to be patient!


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