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day 68



Ok so I think this is day 68 on accutane. Last friday I went to get my monthly check up. The doctor didnt really say anything just said that hes going to keep me at only 30 mgs, which is fine I guess.

My skin is actually looking pretty good. The post acne redmarks are really fading quickly now and I havent broken out in 2 weeks. I have one small white head on my chin, and thats it. I'm really feeling good about my appearance for the first time in over 5 months. I saw a picture of myself from last month, and I couldn't believe how much different I am looking now. Only thing is, my blackheads on my nose keep coming back. One day they'll be totally gone, and the next they'll be rallying. But overall, things are looking good. I'm getting some confidence back.

Side effects are also looking good. My back doesn't bother me at all anymore. My lips are still really dry though, to the point where if I'm not drinking or eating something, I need to have blistex on. That kind of sucks but its whatever. My hands also get really dry and red sometimes, I need to moisturize them more.

My advice to any other accutane users reading this is drink tons of water. My doctor actually said that drinking a lot can actually effect wether or not your course is permanent. Also, blistex in my opinion is the best things for lips out there. Cetaphil mousturizing cream is also great for your face or your body. Most importantly though, stay away from long hot showers. They will not only dry you out but can make your skin look really bad.

Thats pretty much it. I do have a question to whoever might be reading this. Do you think it be possible for me to get sort of like a preeemptive accutane course after this one? Just to make sure these results last. Any feedback would be great.


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