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day 11 ps



I wrote a message to someone today. I figure that it was made of worthwhile thoughts, so i just wanted to put it out there.

Hi, thanks for the comment on my blog. I am fairly new, and you are the first person to let me know that people on here do as much desparate searching as i do.

I hate when my mom points out things (like, "come here, let me see that pimple- want me to pop it? wait come here, let me see you skin..") about my skin. In fact, when people make comments about acne in general i get really embarrassed.

my brother took accutane when we were young, and he was one of the ppl who had really bad depression as a result. He went off of it quickly and even with only a couple weeks, his skin cleared up for several years. It never returned in full force.

I mentioned on my profile that i have tried just about everything under the sun, and for the last year, i have had a super intense regimen. When the derm and i finally decided on accutane, (i am taking clavaris) we agreed it was the right step. She told me, and this may comfort you, that at our age, our hormones are settling down, and so we are much more likely to have permanent success, with slightly less severe side effects.

I decided that all the birthcontrol/bloodtest/ blablablab was worth it after i had a friend casually mention that she was on it, and that she loved it. She said that in order to keep her body and scalp healthy, she was only showering every other day. I could see the difference. And she was NOT covered in nasty dry patches.


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