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Day 11



So I actually have something to talk about today.

My scalp is def dry and flaky, with less breakouts, more itchy.

my lips are in major pain, along with my nostril area - due to the incessant mouth breathing and nose rubbing.

but more than that, i woke up today and noticed that the blackheads on my chin have grown/ multiplied. Also, i seem to have what i have been thinking of as whiteheads, without the head. they are very tiny, not read, and only visible when i use my toungue to apply pressure. They have always been around my mouth. But now, they seem to have bred and are in full force.

my skin, after my bath also seemed to stay red.. so i guess i am getting the "tane flush" look.

lastly, as ironic as it seems, I seem to be breaking out, but also producing less oil. It could be that my fever has affected my skin, but indeed, i was a bit drier.

next photo opp is just a few days away. yay?


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