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Tired tired tired, totally staying home tonight and going to bed early, lol, shit's getting wild and crazy up here. :)

Anyways, I am having an interesting problem, or situation, I dunno if it's quite a problem yet. I've aquired a large, hard, bump on the side of my finger, I've been telling people it's my secret conjoined twin, but searously, what the hell? It seems almost like bone, like it's completely hard, but I can't grow an extra piece to my finger that fast. It's coming right out of my joint too, it's really werid. I wonder if it's Accutane related, I know it can effect your bones, I don't know, I have no idea what it is. Just wait and see I guess.

Other than that tho, everything is fine, nothing new has come up or happened. Skin is looking good lately, still very red tho, and I've noticed that I'm going to need to get some sunscreen right away, like this weekend, cuz I can really feel the sun on my face, almost like a pricking feeling. I'm gonna go with the Cetaphil one.

Sephora has also just realsed a new liquid foundation that I'm gonna pick up tommorow and try out, it sounds promising.

Valentine's date tommorow night, things better look good, although I think at this point I'm probably out of IB territory for good! I hope so! :D


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