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Paleo, Anti-Candida, Elimination..which one?



Getting sick sucks!

I just recovered from a week long episode of what the doctor terms as 'change in climate' fever.

Sudden temperature fluctuation teamed with crap loads of air pollution. I guess that's one major disadvantage of living in a city!

Anyways, I noticed something which really made me think about the diet-acne connection.

I ate a lot of 'stomach friendly' foods because my stomach got upset after a 4 days antibiotic course.

I wasn't allowed to have any doxy. Neither did I have any of my Fish-oils or Zinc.

My skin was clear the whole time! I remember not having any dairy or gluten products. Just simple home-made food. Really makes me think!

I've started taking my Fish Oils and Zinc once again. After I got back to my usual diet, I got some acne on my right cheek. Rather unnoticeable. I have some weird brown patch on my forehead which doesn't even look like acne....

I'm looking into all these different diets to figure out which one would best suit me.

Research, research and some more research. :)


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