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Fast Metabolism and Acne



okay so im 5'11 and 135 lbs. its not that bad because im only 16 but if i was 18 or 19 it might be a problem lol. but it seems to me there is some kind of connection because i can eat whatever i want and not gain a pound. i mean i literally try to gain weight sometimes. last year i was the same height and i started working out and got up to 150 lbs because i was benching 190. but i have to bust my ass in my workout area just to get to the right weight. i stopped working out last summer and am down to 135 140 lbs. so could anyone explain my theory? because more often it seems skinny or average sized people have acne, like me. other than slow metabolism overweight people. im not saying overweight people cant have it but it seems more skinny people get acne. like my two best friends have it too and one is 5'6 and 115 lbs and the other is 6'1 and 115 lbs hes a little too skinny. so comment your thoughts on this post because lately ive been trying to find a mother fucking cause for my acne frustration...


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