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Day 37- Still pretty clear...



Another morning without any HUGE pimples, which is great! Besides being red and scarred (plus dark spots) My skin is doing pretty good. I only have one or two by the jaw line and one by my ear, but it still a HUGE improvement. Especially after my initial two breakouts...

My body aches continue but there very managable...My skin is still oily...I'm hoping that will diminish...maybe by month 3? Who knows...at this point I'm grateful for what I have going on with my acne. It seems to be under control....

I can't wait till I wake up and have nothing new, morning after morning...That my acne world friends would be better then winning the lottery! :D

That's all for now... :)


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Hi and thanks for blogging. I am a mom of a 12 year old girl that has severe recalcitrant nodular acne. (that's a mouth full) I have been looking at putting my daughter on Accutane and have been doing research online to weigh the pros and cons. Her life is miserable and there is nothing that I can do to comfort her at all. So even with the side effects; many she is suffering with now, i.e. depression, crying, moodiness, I am leaning towards putting her on the RX. Thanks for putting your experience "out there" it definitely has helped me to understand a lot more.

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Thank You so much for the comment! :boohoo: I am a mother as well, and I have also had acne since I was 12....Im in my 30's now and the acne only gets worse. I wish my mother would have put me on accutane back then....Maybe my scars would be much less if I would have stoped the acne when it had started. I know all about the depression and the crying, modiness...It effects your over all self esteem in ways that you can't imagine. I know RX has a lot of side effects, but with proper control of a doctor to keep track of any problems, she should be ok. As long as she is willing, my advice to you is to let her get on the meds. Anything is better then what's she's feeling at this time. I hope this helps and thanks again for reading my blog....I will continue to post on a daily basis for the first 6 months and then weekly after that. I have some pics also in my profile of some of my acne you can see....I'l post new one's after my treatment is over...Good Luck let me know what you decide.. :D

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