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Week 1 Update




So I've decided to report on a weekly basis because a) I've read too many blogs/message posts that update day to day and its hard to get a big-picture idea of results when you have to sift through so many blog entries and b) it is less nit-picky (I don't want to have a blog that reports each new pimple as they emerge)!

So its day 7 and with careful and sparing application of BP my skin has adjusted very well. The first couple of days were ROUGH with very red/flaky skin but I continued to use the minimum amount (based on DKR dose pictures) and sometimes only applied BP once a day. I took advice from Dan and the message boards to take it slowly and I think its working.

Now when I apply my BP it may sting at first but my skin is no longer cherry red (there is a bit of overall redness in some lights but it is easily covered with jane iredale mineral foundation). My skin is mainly flaky around the mouth and chin (this is where I also apply the most BP because its my problem area). I did experience a few mouth pimples (weird!) and extremely dry lips. I never have dry lips but its something about the cleanser or run off of BP that are making them dry!!!

My eyes are less and less puffy each day but I am still experiencing some swelling.

Great news

As with acne and inflammation:

I cannot say SPECIFICALLY that its the regimen but I am fairly certain it is helping but 70% of my inflamed/pustule acne around my chin has gone down. I feel like to some extent the BP is "purging" my pores so now a lot of the inflamed bumps I had before the regimen are now forming into pustules and healing rather quickly. This also makes them VERY tempting to pick at since they are nice dried up flaky pimples . I am guilty of picking a few (even as I type :D ). Woops. Need to stop that.

My skin is still feeling a bit tight, dull, and caked with products. I want to wait another week or so before I attempt to exfoliate. I think I will try either the jojoba or baby brush method.

Some things that I have changed that could be helping my acne:

-I stopped using bare essentials which has bismuth oxychloride in it (which has been linked to skin reactions and cystic acne)

-Am on my second week of Yasmin birth control pills

-Am taking doxychoride (but really want to stop because of the risk of oral antibiotics)

Bottom line: I think the regimen is really working. I forsee a bit more purging of my pores (which = ugly blemishes) going on in the next couple of weeks. But overall, a STARTLING decrease of inflamed pustules and nodules. A few new random smallllll pimples to date.

:) Pretty happy over all. Going to steadily increase a bit more of BP to twice a day. Still using all of dan's products PLUS 4-5 drops of jojoba oil in moisturizer (HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS).

Take care!


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