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Ance and Foods



Hello, I'm starting a little bit today, I just wanted to give you guys some background on my acne history and what I am doing today!


I've had acne since I was 5 and serious nasty super gross acne from about 7 until about 4 months ago. I've used almost every product for acne known to man, which includes taking 3 full cycles of ACUTANE. If you contemplating taking acutane my advice is DO NOT DO IT, just to let you know. From ages 7 to about 15-ish my acne was really terrible but went completely away every summer. I've found that the sun is very very good for acne. BTW if you do some serious research you'll find that the sun's UV rays do cause cancer BUT it is EXTREMELY over exaggerated. BY NO MEANS (I am a med and law student however) am I a doctor though and am not telling you to bake yourselves to death. DON'T GET SUNBURNT and your pretty much good. I started my first cycle of acutane when I was 14 and it did an awesome job, I ended it during the beginning of the summer and then when the winter came I broke out and bad, just like I'd never taken acutane before. Also, the summer stopped clearing my acne up as well. This is an anomaly but I can honestly say that my puberty hormones are not the cause because I finished the high hormone levels of puberty when I was around 15 (Full height, full beard, all that jazz). Kinda sucks actually, I didn't like developing so early. Having a beard in middle school is weird. I took acutane again when I was 15 and the exact something happened. Also again at 17. I would like to point out that it seems like acutane has changed the type of acne I have now and it made the acne not worse looking but definately more deep and more painful. -> That's common. My roommate took acutane and is completely clear and has been since middle school. He actually has very, VERY good skin, like an actor or something. Good for him and everybody who acutane worked for, but I still think that its unhealthy and should be avoided.

I'm 19 now, the YOUNGEST person in med school, and its kind of silly to have acne when everyone else looks like doctors and I look like a, well I am, a TEEN with gross skin.

HOWEVER - > around 6 months ago I was taught some interesting things about food and skin and I went on a NO refined sugar diet and my skin was COMPLETELY clear. I was also getting about 30mins of sun a day.

I went home for the break and was clear for about two weeks and then I started to break out again, but I think that its do to the lack of sun and some dieting experimenting I did. Now that I'm back at school i'm learning more about food and I want to try some things with my skin and let you guys know how its working. I will NOT be providing pictures however.

Now I'm going to do a almost entirely ANTI-FLAMMATORY diet to see what happens. I bought some fish, some fist oil, and some flax seeds and garlic and a whole bunch of that kind of stuff. I'll keep you updated on how my skin fairs.

P.S. This sites creator promotes his products (of which I use to use religiously) which (if he hasn't changed them in the last year or so, I'll look later) contain benzoperoxide. Benzoperoxide is good for acne but TERRIBLE for skin and PROMOTES TUMOR-like acne and BIG CISTs. I had personal experiece with these and ever since I stopped using products with the above in it I haven't had a problem with them ever. His products work well but aren't work CANCER (not that it will cause cancer but it sure looks like cancer)


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