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Day 35- Oil is back!



So far so good.. :) two more new pimples but nothing alarming...Breakouts are to a minimum....

Side Effects today: I woke up with some body aches and the bottom of my feet really hurt. I'm only 5 feet and I normally wear 3-6 inch heels to work and it's getting harder to do that with my aches...I feel so old... :D

Also my forhead is oily....I'm not sure why but I actually had to blot today in the am. I guess my oil glands are much bigger then I thought....one of the reasons why you get so dry from accutane is the shrinkage of your oil glands in your face (or all over) and mines are putting up a fight. I have ALWAYS been terribly oily and I welcome the dryness and so far the only thing that's really dry is my lips.. I didn't need to blot since day 19 of my accutane treatment and now I'm back were I was...that's weird... :D

That's all for now....


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Hey, I just finished my second month on accutane and throughout the first month an a half or so my oiliness came and went to so thats nothing to be worried about I think.

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lol god dam girl you get all type of side effects 3inch heels is cool since your 5ft but 6inch heels seem hard as hell too walk in and if you need too walk a lil faster in a rush some where like work or if you are running from something LOL!

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Oh my dear Richard....the higher the better! :boohoo: the only low shoes I own are my running sneakers and my cowboy boots...that's about it....Especially here in Arizona...I can go as hi as I like :D And yes I have every damn side effect you could possibly get! But at least I'll have clear skin :D

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