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7th Feb 2011- Dermatologist appointment



I thought i'd start a blog to follow my 'journey' with acne (had it since about 14) and hopefully follow it clearing up! :D (i'm 19!)

I had an appointment with a dermatologist on 4th feb and she told me to keep on my lymacilin tablets and adaplene cream but she strongly recommended going on the dianette pill which i should start taking by the end of the week. She also said to get checked incase i have polysistic ovaries which can cause acne, although i doubt i have it. She mentioned (ro)accutane but i said that would be a last resort because it sounds really scary with lots of bad side affects.

So, this time next week i should be taking the dianette pill as well as my other medication and then my skin should be clearing up, i'll update this on how all is going.

Currently, i have a clear forehead (and never ever get spots there) but i have small white pimples on my chin and cheeks and hard red sore spots on the side of my face. I also have quite a few scars but i will deal with them once the acne has gone. I also get them on my back and chest, grrr. I hope these go by summer and i can bring out the strappy vest tops! :)


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