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Week 2



Hi guys. So it's my week 2 on accutane, and first day on 30mg! So I take 40mg on monday, 20 on tuesday, 40 on wednesday, 20 on thursday and so on. So it's 30mg.

While writing this, my lips are extremely dry... So it's wooorking.

I have noticed some new breakouts, but on other hand, my skin looks and feels kinda smoother and isn't so red and inflamed than before. That's goood :D Eyes are doing pretty good, not so itchy than they were on the first week. But I haven't still noticed any dryness on my face, well of course after shower it feels tight, but nothing more than that. Only lips. I haven't got any nose bleedings, muscle or joint pains.. Still waiting!

Approximately, (what I have heard) the worst break outs happen between weeks 2-5 and end about on month two. So I'm still prepared... :)

Ps. I have taken and will take photos about the progress. I'll upload them later =P


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