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Day 34- Skin is looking better :)



I woke up this morning and started to notice that my skin is looking better. I do have two new pimples but at least it's better then 10. My makeup is looking better as well since all I really have to cover up is scars and dark spots. If I start to get BIG cystic acne again I'm going to my Derm to get them injected again. That was fantastic...It's worth the pain!

Side effects are also at a minimum. Since I adopted my new dog London the joint pain has diminished almost completly. I think it has to do with the walks I take twice a day with her. They do say dogs are theroputic :) If she only new that she saved me more then I saved her... :D

She is my little white angel....

That's all I have to report :D


im happy :D things are starting to get better for you right now.. when your skin looks better you start to feel happier and feel even better about yourself.. it picks up "low" self-esteem :D if you are down about things but it sounds like the pain is worth the clear skin you will have in a few monthsand BTW you long are you on accutane? :boohoo: and i like yo blog too it made me wish i had did one about mine last year lol

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I'm on for 6 months. Unless I increase my dosage then it will be 5 months....I'm on 60 mg a day which is a lot for me since I'm petite. My derm said that if I go to one pill a day it would only make it longer...I just want to be done with it at this point...As for my blog...It's a great way to look back (when my acne is better) and see how far I have come...I know things will get 100 percent better and it's nice to have a memories....By the way thanks for reading my accutane experience...makes me feel like I'm not alone out there...in our acne world...lol.. :boohoo:

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