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another update



Hey guys, so I've been eating healthier and I went back to my Cetaphil gentle cleanser and honestly that was the trick! My skin is fine, but I wouldn't say flawless, but it is good enough for me! Like I'll get a small bump or two but nothing crazy like before. I don't know why but Cetaphil seems to be the product that works the BEST for me.. not even acne products with salicylic acid/benzoyl peroxide works as well as my cetaphil haha

I guess the natural approach is actually better, the less harsh chemicals the better? who knows.. my new skin care regimen after accutane is a healthy diet, LOT OF WATER, running, Cetaphil, and lots of laughs.

And for those emotionally struggling: I feel your pain, but honestly almost everyone goes through it and it will eventually heal through time. There are a plenty more ways to shine as a person.. beauty is skin deep, so try working on your character, your morals/ethics, and other things that really matter. I guess what I'm really trying to say is that by generally improving and bettering yourself in general will be a far greater satisfaction than merely healing your skin and who knows maybe your skin will heal through this process as well!

Good luck!


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