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Ooooh Yeah

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The big Five Oh



Fifty! Yikes.

So as gross as this sounds, I think I'm gonna have to stop washing my hair or something. Maybe just start wrapping it during the day, it is so.so.dry, it's like fucking straw coming out of my head. I just put in abunch of argan oil and it feels alittle bit better, but still.

So nothing new, two little ones that are drying out on my left jawline, and one on the right. I get alittle bit of oil on my forehead during the day, but that's going the whole day without any blotting or anything, so I'm not gonna complain. My skin feels very smooth, but it's like a werid smooth, if I rub my hands over my face (which I have a bad habit of doing) my fingers like catch on my skin since even tho it has no real texture anymore, it also has no real oil either. Werid. My eyes are so dry, they're constantly itchy and trying to rub them only makes it worse. Glad I don't wear contacts, I don't think I would even be able to at this point.

But other than the dryness, I think I've actually gotten off easily with the side-effects thing. The asthma flare ups have stopped too, maybe my body just needed to get used to the Accutane, since that was at the beginning of the treatmeant. Joints don't hurt or anything and only rarely do I get headaches.

I did have acouple beers last night tho, and I might have a few tonight. But once again, never actually getting drunk or anything.

Weather is starting to get nice too now (yay for the west coast, lol, early spring), I work outside, so whatever it's like outside, I'm in it. I'm gonna have to get some super intense sunscreen for the summer time. I saw that Cetaphil makes like a 50spf one for face, might have to try that one out, and then something for body too.

People can judge me all they want on this (lol!), but I've been getting my fake tan on the last week, and it's making my skin look really nice. It kinda blends the redmarks into the skin better and gives me a nice tone. Haha! :)

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