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Chinese new year



Yesterday, my friends and i went to chinatown and had a blasting new years meal! It was the best meal I've ever had in Chicago so far.

Updates on my skin.

I believe today is day 3 on BP aka dans regimen.

My skin doesn't itch as it was yesterday. I'm glad! Im also very happy to find that my face is suuupppeerrr soft when I wash it in the morning.

Yesterday I purchased neutrogena on the spot treatment, It says its invisible cream formula, I guess it should work while waiting for Dan's shipment to come over. It was 8 dollars though. It's 2.5%BP.

Im surprised to find that in walgreens, there aren't many 2.5%BPs.

But i'm glad i found it. I'm gonna try it tonight (if i run out the other NOTS).


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