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I Take Back Anything Nice I Said About This Moisturizer



Now I know why everyone hates the new DK moisturizer so much. At the beginning of this week I started using two full finger lengths of BP. Very Quickly I had to up my moisturizer amount to two full pumps. Yesterday morning I woke up and the skin around my mouth was a flaky mess! AND, this may be related to my using the cleanser to remove eye makeup, but my eye skin is dry and wrinkly even though I'M ONLY TWENTY-ONE and have been carefully using the moisturizer as an under-eye cream while ensuring I'm not smearing BP up there. My right eye has looked like it's aged about ten years, there's a crease extending from the outer corner and the skin is red and irritated!

Yesterday my skin and eyes looked even worse, but I'm going to attribute this to the fact that I only got four hours of sleep the prior night. So for last night, I applied Aquaphor to my eye crinkles. I have been using Aquaphor on my lips at night for about five years, but it finally occurred to me that the same ingredient in vaseline is in Aquaphor (petroleum/petrolatum). I smeared a bit on the scars on my forehead and on my right cheek, and this morning my right cheek looked better and was smoother (as was my forehead) although the forehead scars didn't seem much different. I read on a message board that it took someone ten weeks for their scars to go away. I only have seventeen weeks until I ship out.

Yesterday morning I popped the pimple on my left cheek the "right" way. I took a thumbtack, sterilized it with a lighter, lightly pricked the area, and then squeezed with some toilet paper between my fingers and skin. I know the DK BP and cleanser are definitely affecting the pimple, so I'm pleased in that respect. I also discovered a small pimple on my left jawline that looks ripe for popping today.


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