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Day 14. Drier and drier every day.



Two weeks down! Woohoo! Only four and a half months to go. No sweat.

I'm really noticing the dryness now. The inside of my nose is really dry, and sorry if this is TMI but it's true: my snot is all dry and crusty. Like, all the time. Ew.

Lips don't respond to Chapstick at all any more. Aquaphor is the only thing that makes them look at all decent. And still, they're going down hill very quickly.

Tonight I ordered a drink at dinner, completely forgetting I'm really not supposed to have alcohol. I had about a third of it... It tasted like a liquid Jolly Rancher. HEAVEN. I know I could've finished it without worrying about my liver, seeing as I only drink once every few months to begin with. But I didn't even make a dent in it before starting to feel tipsy (I'm the lightest lightweight ever). And I was driving home right after. So I abandoned my Jolly Rancher drink. :D Sigh.

In other side effects news, my "night vision" sucks. Driving home tonight was fun. :) Though I've always had sucky vision at night. It's not severely bad enough to say that it's because of the 'tane.

In fact, the only side effect I know for a fact is from the accutane is the dryness. No other side effects are severe enough to be like, "yep, that's because of the medication and not just my shitty vision" or "yep, that pain is from the medication and not from working out too hard."

Til next time.


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