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What I should do with myself.



Hello all (assuming someone actually reads this). I don't even know if i'm writing this in the right area of the website but whatever, its worth a shot.

Anyways I just wanted to ask the general public of this website what I should do for my face. I'm a 20 year old guy who since high school has had freakishly oily skin. Although back in high school I felt I tolerated my oily skin much better, may be due to the fact that it wasn't so sensitive as it is now, or that I feel I had less acne/problems, now a days I can't go anywhere without someone asking why I look so sweaty.

In high school I used to wash my face with crappy old BP(benzoyl peroxide) 10% stuff and put SA(salycillic acid) lotion on every day and night, which kept my face relatively clear, but I still had super oily skin, which people insisted on commenting on.

Previously I have used dan's regimine, and other things like proactiv(which actually worked surprisingly well). Last year I was still using various BP and SA products to combat acne, until I finally said whatever I'm just going to go see a dermatologist. She ended up having me use retin-a and some sodium sulfa-something or other lotion daily. Both of this stuff did do a good job for clearing my skin, and evening out my skin tone(I still had oily skin) for the first 3 months, but once summer came around my skin just blew up with irritation. Irritation from retin-a, the sulfa-stuffamide lotion and especially the sun. I used to be able to sit in the sun for hours upon hours, hell I went to hawaii and didnt even wear sunscreen and I was fine. So I decided, yea this stuff ain't for my skin.

I have tried recently to use BP for acne because It seems like I am breaking out more often, but whenever I use BP nowadays my skin gets sooooo red that I look like a freak. The only thing I can still put on my skin in moderation is SA, which really doesnt do as much for my acne as BP used to. So basically I just wash with cetaphil and apply a light moisturizer now and wait about an hour or two till my face feels oily.

So after all this I went back to my dermatologist last week, after about 3-4 months last seeing her. At first she didn't even realize I was a prior patient which was sweet. She asked me about the history of things, told her, yadda yadda. She took a sample of one of my zits, kind of gross to me, but she let me go on my way and prescribed me doxycycline for my facial redness(I think). I took that for about 2 days, until she called me randomly and said that the culture she grew with the zit explosion she took from my face had a random bacteria, so she prescribed me ciproflaxin which I am taking now.

Among all this my brother is about to finish up taking accutane. I am super jealous of how his skin is less oily, he has zero zits on his body and looks very good. He has had a few side effects, but nothing that isn't bearable and will most likely dissipate after he is off. I am not so jealous of how he blew his knee out skiing with me on the first run we took of the year.

Now comes the part where I actually ask you(reader(still assuming there is one)) some questions.

I am wondering if anybody's skin has developed a irritation to BP randomly, even though they (I) were able to use it previously? And possibly if the irritation is due to this random bacteria that seems to be chillen on my face without an invitation.

Also has anybody taken accutane primarily just for oily skin? and would my dermatologist think I am insane for asking to take it? Or should i even be thinking about taking accutane? The only real reason I have thought about taking it is because of my brothers results. Although the reason he took it is because he had some bad lingering body acne, he seems to be doing relatively well, meaning not having bad side effects. I assume that means my body would tolerate it pretty well. I play college soccer and in my mind am afraid I might get destroyed by practicing everyday come the summer. But I would also like to have a normal face and go out to collegiate events without being super self conscious.

/end rant

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I used to use AcneFree Terminator Ten, which contains 10% BP, for years, until just a few months ago when suddenly it became too harsh for my skin. So I think it's possible to suddenly develop a bad reaction to BP, especially if it's over drying and you aren't moisturizer, like me.

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