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Day 31 - No meds today...



I went to the derm today and she refilled my prescription...All my labs came back normal....so I am staying on 60 mg a day. She did say that I could go for 30 mg a day if my side effects were bad, but that meant a longer treatment time. I think I will suffer through and keep the 60 mg a day. :)

She injected all my systic acne with steroids to reduce the swelling...and it was worth the pain...most of the systic swelling is gone and she said by tomorrow it will be nothing but a dot. I can't wait to see that! I have had the same bumps swell and go away then they come right back...She even did the one on my eye lid....She also told me that If they come back she will put me on an oral med for the swelling as well. I love the injections tho, since you can see the results right away! :D

Once I leave work I will pick up my meds and start tonight with my dose....Believe it or not I miss taking my dose this morning. It has become such a habit that it felt weird not to have any pills to take.

I hope all is well in the acne world...lol TTYS

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LOL! at ("I hope all is well in the acne world") ..hell i had some really nasty acne on my face off & on for so many yrs untill this year so That would make Me a Former "Acne WorldChampion" ROFL!! anyway. i have never had a bump on my eye lid! before did it hurt a lot since you cant pop it i would think. but ya things are good in my AcneWorld. LOL!

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