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Day 11!



Hello everyone!

I've really come to prefer using Dan's products. - The BP goes on beautifully clear and his moisturizer + jojoba oil has me almost completely flake free! I mean I can still tell my face is dry but it's not flaking off and dryness is to be expected so it's cool. :) The redness has also decreased somewhat, I don't look as brilliantly flushed, which is good.

Unfortunately I also have three new pimples! Remember that spot on my chin where I was expecting a breakout? Well there's no "breakout" so far but one little pimple has developed. I also have a pimple on the far side of my cheekbone that sort of just cropped up yesterday! When I was looking at it yesterday though it looked like it may have been headed for giant pimple territory but today it's very small, which is exciting. I also have another tiiiiinnnyy pimple on my cheek that i didn't even notice until the light caught it right and I noticed it was raised!

Definitely nothing to worry about. I'm unsure if this is the start of my week 2 breakout, if they're just random pimples that were going to pop up anyway, or if they're period-related as I'm about a week from my period. (Cue PMSing and usually pimples XD)

I'm actually REALLY curious to see how quickly they go away! If they act like pre-regimen pimples they'll get bigger and stick around for at LEAST a week, but I'm hoping here on the regimen they'll heal up quick! :D

It's rainy today, I love the rain. I'm listening to it hit some sort of metal (Maybe the gutter?) on the side of our house, sooo pretty. :D


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