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Day 166



Well, shit, i just realized i ate potatoes the FIRST day, and the pita chips i've been eating with the hummus have sugar added.

so i switched to the whole grain crackers my mom bought, and guess what? corn syrup, all up in them.

I admit, i almost wanted to drop the diet just because of how ridiculous this is, but i'll make it through, i'll just learn to love raw veggies in hummus i guess.

Its not too bad though, i'm doing pretty good i think, only two slip ups so far.

And another problem is, i'm usually my families -garbage disposal- and by that, i mean i eat all the food thats about to go bad, but they don't want to throw away, since i stopped eating dairy, we've had massive amounts of moldy cheese, sour milk and other dairy products going bad, which kind of scares me, that means i was pretty much eating the bulk of everything. and a lot of fruit and other foods i can't eat NOW are starting to go bad, and i feel kind of terrible about it.

But i feel better! healthier, less... congested in a way.

Onto my skin, i'm debating skipping my BP application tonight, but i think i'll cut it in half for a week, and THEN drop it, i'm already using 1 pump with no ill side effects, so i think i can get away with once a day.


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