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Day 13. A question.



Was a bit disappointed that my lips were so chapped during my interview! Oh well. If they hire me they'll see much worse in the coming months.

Side effects: The left side of my jaw hurts? It's so odd... I feel like I've dislocated it. I can't open my mouth much further than I usually do to eat food. And if I force it to open all the way, it hurts a LOT. But just on my left side. Wtf?

Acne: Cysts on the right side of my face are healing slowly. New active cyst on the left side near my jaw though, and one of the older cysts is mega inflamed. Another has turned into a hard nodule. Yayyyy. :)

Sooo a question for you guys (well, mostly the girls). Would anyone be interested in hearing how I apply my makeup? I ask because I got a PM yesterday asking how I apply it to cover up acne. After years of practice (been breaking out since the age of 12...) I've finally got my technique down. I can copy and paste my reply here if anyone is interested. :D


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I'm more then interested!! I'm 14 and have the basics down but I would like some expert advice from ya!Best of Luck

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