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Fourty... Eight!



So wow, how times flies, I'm almost at day fifty, I find once you pass thirty, then it all seems to kind of blend together. Anyways, so my skin seems to be pushing out the last few ones, I get like one small one on my jaw line now and then, but that's it. Almost all the blackheads are gone! My nose pores and empty and skrinking, yehaw. lol.

omy, I can't even think right now, my roommate is playing the most intense crazy sounding techno I've ever heard, lol, I can't concentrate on a single thing. :D

Either way, zit wise = things are good. My new foundation, the mousse stuff, decent. I probably wouldn't use if not on Accutane, as it strikes me that it would probably get pretty oily, and I woulodn't use alot of it either, but for now, good enough. So still on the hunt for something else.

Bad stomach cramp today for some reason, I wonder if it's Accutane related. :)


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