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My first entry



I'm so not a blogger, but I wanted to keep track of what works/doesn't work in my fight to beat adult acne. I'm a 35yo female who has had acne of various severities for the past 20 years. I'm SO over it!

Most people at acne.org would probably categorize my acne as mild to moderate. I have the majority on my neck and jawline, with an occasional pimple on my cheeks and forehead. I used to have BAD back acne, but ever since I got a tattoo on one of my shoulders last June I have been clear there for the most part. I don't know why this is-- maybe just because I keep my hands OFF now that there is such a pretty tattoo there? I don't know, but I'll take it. My back was my dirty little secret for years and I never wore dresses or tank tops in summer (and it's HOT in summer where I live). I hope it stays this way and that I can experience my first care-free summer since I was 15.

I am a picker. If there is a bump, I must poke, scrape, pinch, squeeze at it. I am very slowly overcoming this OCD day by day by sheer determination to get past this and to allow myself to have nice skin. If I didn't pick/touch, I think my skin would be 50% clearer, leaving me with mild hormonal acne that I could deal with.

So, I have been barely picking (I'm not perfect) for the past 2 weeks. And this is my current regimen and vitamin intake (aka overload). Status 2 weeks ago: really broken out and red marks all over my jawline and neck. Status today: 85% clear and red marks left over from the last break out. I will post photos in a bit.

Current regimen:


Clarisonic Mia +Dessert Essence tea trea/chamomile face wash on face, neck and back

apply aloe vera gel w/ niacinamide mixed in (I tried to make it 4%)

apply SPF15 moisturizer w/ niacinamide mixed in (ditto)


same washing technique, face only

apply same aloe vera gel

apply Alpha Hydrox AHA lotion

every other day, apply Green Cream (I've only been doing this for a week)

on red marks I've been applying Alpha Hydrox Spot Light lotion

Diet: I eat a varied diet and am a huge fan of bread/cheese/meat. I know if I cut all that out I'd be clearer, but I'm not sure I can commit to that right now. I drink 1-2 giant cups of green tea per day.


currently taking 2 Acnescript pills/day (skipped taking 4 and only do 2 a day)

Vitamin D3, 5000iu

B5 Complex (100mg each of B1, B2, Niacin, B5, B6, B12, Biotin, Choline Bitartrate, Inositol, PABA; 400 mg folic acid)

Vitamin E, 400iu

Chromium picolinate, 200mcg

Vit C (with calcium for absorption), 3000mg

niacinamide, 500mg

Vit A, 10,000 iu

no-flush niacin, 500mg

Goji Berry extract, 1200mg

2 Acnescript pills contain:

Organic Turmeric (900mg)

Vitamin B5 (500mg)

Organic Deodorized Garlic (200mg)

Organic Burdock (100mg)

Organic Black Pepper (100mg)

1,3 1,6 Beta Glucans (60mg)

Vitamin B6 (50mg)

Zinc L-Aspartate (30mg)

So, once I run out of the sample, I will be using the below regimen instead-- I've bought everything from Vitacost already and it will be cheaper than the $35/mo that Acnescript charges. For $100 I have in some vitamins' cases a one year supply. Some will need to be replenished sooner, but it's still much cheaper. I skipped the beta glucans, too expensive:

Tumeric Extract/Curcumin Complex: 1160mg (has black pepper in it)

Zinc: 50mg

Odorless garlic: 500mg

Burdock root: 475mg (hope this isn't too much...)

Vitamin D3, 5000iu

B5 Complex Vit B5, 500mg (so 600mg/day total)

Vitamin E, 400iu

Chromium picolinate, 200mcg

Vit C (with calcium for absorption), 3000mg

niacinamide, 500mg

Vit A, 10,000 iu

no-flush niacin, 500mg

Goji Berry extract, 1200mg

I wonder how many calories I am consuming with all those little gelcaps I'm ingesting every day, LOL!

Eventually I hope to chill out on taking all this stuff. My goal is to get the picking under control. AKA, DO.NOT.PICK. and then I can see if I still break out at all. I don't want to be a crazy pill swallowing OCDer, but I do want to finally have clear skin.

OK, posting this now. This blog is for myself to remember everything-- sorry if I am boring anyone :)


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