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Day 10



I am SOOO excited about Dan's moisturizer. I've seen some people on the forums who were complaining about it not being moisturizing enough so I was a bit worried but fortunately I haven't had that problem at all.

In fact, I find it SO much more moisturizing than Cetaphil! (And Cetaphil's so thick and greasy!) Here was my skin on the regimen: I'd get all the steps completed and the Cetaphil moisturizer, while my skin was absorbing it, would hide any flakes and it wouldn't look too bad. 5-12 hours later the flakes would start appearing and by the time it was time to get to the next turn of regimen-doing my skin would be flake city.

Like, seriously, I figure people must be wondering what kind of funky skin disease I have with all those flakes. LOL

Last night I used Dan's moisturizer for the first time at about 7 PM. At midnight, when I went to bed, my skin still hadn't really started flaking. - So exciting! I put a tiny bit more moisturizer on just because it was flaking soo bad earlier and when I woke up this morning I DID have some flakes. But nothing at ALL like the Cetaphil flakes. They were lessened and looked more just like dry skin and not massive hunks of dead skin falling off. LOL

So today I used Dan's moisturizer this morning at 7 again and it's 1 PM now, 6 hours later and my face is only minimally flaky. I can tell that the flakes are lessening with use of this moisturizer (Jojoba added, of course.) and that just makes me excited. :)

So with my flakes lessened I'm noticing how red my skin is. It just looks really really flushed. (Without foundation, of course.) xD It's not pretty but i know it's temporary so I don't mind it at all. :D

So yeah, so far two thumbs up for Dan's moisturizer. I plan on leaving a review for it once I've been using it longer and am sure it's as great as I think it is so far.

My skin's looking nice today. No new pimples or anything so far, not even on my chin where I thought yesterday it looked doomed for a breakout. We'll see how it goes! :D

Panda Express tonight with the boyfriend, I LOOVVEE Panda Express. <3 yum.


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