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Asprin Mask.




Well after reading many great reviews on the aspirin mask, I have decided to try it myself. I must say after reading all of these amazing reviews, if I experience anything less than a miracle I will be greatly disappointed lol. I don't think I saw even 1 negative review, so it's awesome that it has worked so well for others, & hopefully it'll work well for me too!

I didn't read others directions very well, until after I had already applied my mask lol, but this is what I did; I took 8 aspirin (off brand el-cheapo kind) & crushed them up (like they were some pills I was gettin ready to snort lol) in a little baggy, (then formed little powder lines, haha JK) then put the aspirin powder on a plate (which after reading others directions, I saw I was supposed to just drip some water on them & let them dissolve.. But apparently I'm a coke head in training (okay, I'm done with the coke sniffing jokes lol)). After putting the powder on the plate I added 2 drops of honey & a little bit of cinnamon (my mom says it's good for your skin, & I didn't think it could hurt!) then added some drops of water until it was at, what I figured, to be a good consistency.

It is very grainy, & was hard to spread. However, I do believe that my hardships have come about from me failing to read the directions.. I'm just like a man! lol, jk :)

So now I'm sitting here, waiting for Moms to get out of the bathroom so I can wash it off, as it's been on for about 20 mins.

I will update this entry later (if that is an option, I'm not too sure how this particular blog works just yet!) & record how it turned out. I plan on doing it a couple/few more times (following the directions!) before updating, just so I can have an accurate take on the results.

Fingers crossed!



Okay so it's been exactly 3 weeks since I started using the Aspirin Mask. I've used it several & several times in the past 3 weeks & so far I have not seen much of a difference. I haven't gotten any new pimples that I've noticed, so that's good & maybe I have the mask to thank for that. Well today I decided to switch it up. Instead of just using water & aspirin, I'm using Witch Hazel & aspirin to see if that makes any difference.

(Btw, after my last edit on this entry with all the coke head jokes I have to add this in here.. I've been using a small plate to dissolve my aspirin on & I leave it on the shelf in the bathroom.. Well my older brother came over last week & called my mom & asked her why there was a plate with crushed up pill powder on it in the bathroom, she said it was mine & he flipped out thinking I was snorting pills. HAHA. anyways)

So I just washed off the WH/Aspirin mask & my face does feel soft & refreshed. So I think I will continue with the witch hazel & aspirin mask. The onlyyy thing I don't like about it is it does get messy when the aspirin dries on your face, if you move your face, it will start snowing on you lol, try it, you'll see what I mean!

Aspirin Mask: I rate you a 8/10


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