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Like everyone else on here I am so tired of my acne problems. I remember when I first noticed that my skin was showing signs of acne, I would have been 12. It started with a couple on my chin and as I aged my forehead and cheeks became inflamed and infected. By 14 I had full blown acne and was not happy. First I was placed on birth control with no luck. After that my dermatologist placed me on several topical ointments. Nothing seemed to work. A friend of mine was placed on Accutane and had amazing results. I inquired and did 2 rounds of the product, paired with BP. I was so hopeful that it was going to work for me but no such luck, my acne came back and has never left. By 17 I was introduced to Pro-Active and was in love and so thankful for this product, finally my skin was mostly clear, only problem was as I aged I started to notice that my skin looked much older, dull and dry.

Now at 27 I cannot help but feel like I look years older than my actual age. I am in the process of changing my products. I am using Neostrata, I love the product it leaves my skin feeling wonderful, only problem is it doesn't clear my skin in the slightest. My acne actually looks worse than it ever has but my skin feels so good.

I feel like I am stuck between a rock and a hard place, I have the pro-active that clears and destroys my skin or I use the Neo and my skin feels great but my face is filled with acne. Ah! I hate this. I cry over this daily, I am finding it hard to go out, I can't look at my boyfriend, I am constantly in the mirror analyzing my face. I am at a loss.. I am trying to heal from within, doing internal cleansing and I am just hoping it will help. My hopes are by writing on here I can decompress and release some stress..

Day 2

Woke up today and looked in mirror skin looks horrible as usual. Cried my eyes out, skin will probably break out even more now because of the stress. Don't want to go to work tomorrow, don't want to be seen, just want to hide in my house. Sometimes I wish I never found out how horrible Pro-active is for my skin...


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