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Day 9!



I finally got to use my DKR/Acne.org products tonight!

I LOVE them, they are sooo much better than the drugstore ones. The Cetaphil lotion had been stinging SO badly with the BP (I'm guessing it was the glycerin), and Dan's moisturizer is FANTASTIC. It goes on sooo smooth and it doesn't sting at alll!!

His BP goes on beautifully too, I lovvee how it's not a cream, it just disappears into your skin. I love it!

My face is SOOO flaky now. I'm hoping Dan's moisturizer takes care of that better than the Cetaphil. By the end of the day I look like I have a disease or something. LOL That and I CANNOT keep from peeling the flakes off, however gently, and I don't want to be touching my skin that much but I just hate seeing them there. XD

I admit the flakes do make me a bit self conscious even though I just try to roll with them. They're totally worth it for the regimen and I know they're not a forever thing so I'm fine dealing with them for now. :) I'm just glad the people I deal with on a daily basis are sweet enough not to ask why my face looks like it has some kind of molting disease, hahahaha.

My chin looks like it could be on the verge of a breakout but I'm not sure, we'll see how it goes over the next couple of days. I'm in week two so I do wonder if I'll get the second week breakout or not. Either way I'm sooo excited and am fully confident that the regimen is going to clear me up. :D

I was thinking earlier how awesome it is I have such a cool and supportive boyfriend, he's been amazingly supportive of me doing the regimen and is confident it's going to clear me up as well. Yay!


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