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End of week 1.



Dan's what to expect section states at the end of week 2.

"Further clearing, followed perhaps by a breakout. The breakout clears more quickly than usual. Skin is slightly less red and irritated. Red spots from old acne linger."

Great news is, I'm on week 1, my skin is less red, less irritated, clearer, flaking (expected), BUT, I have had what I would call a major breakout, quite painful spots just on my jaw line, only two are active white heads but still its a break out. To be honest I expected it, but it's put a bit of a downer on myself when I was so hopeful, BUT, acne can take 2 weeks to form so there is still hope. Apparently this breakout SHOULD clear a lot quicker but we'll have to see. It hurt to apply moisturizer tonight, I upped my BP usage to around a thin fingers length, going to get to the full dose by the end of week 2.

The flaking is really, really hard to control, I don't want to smile. My face is no longer tight, but when I smile, the flakes decide to appear! Jojoba oil, I pray you arrive when I wake or come home from school tomorrow. I pray these inflamed spots will calm down too.

There is definitely an improvement and yes, a breakout was to be expected. Things can only go up from here I guess. Feel free to ask me any questions on my progress or something you may be stuck on. :)


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