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day 57



Day 57. It was a little foolish for me to claim my skin was looking so much better because of the proactiv. Initially, my post acne redness did look a lot better, but its kind of reversed itself? Idk. But it does look a little better and I can tell its healing.

My skin is looking ok. Still have the redmarks, and I'm still breaking out on about a weekly basis, but the breakouts are really mild. On a positive note, the blackheads on my face are nearly gone. Its amazing seeing my nose nto infested with uncountable blackheads.

Side effects are really minimal. My skin is not dry, my lips are moderately dry, and my back doesn't hurt at all anymore. The skin on the back of my hands has healed up.

Overall, things are decent. i can definately see improvement. I have a dermatologist appointment friday for month 3. I'm hoping he will increase my dosage since my side effects are pretty much gone.


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