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WELL WELL WELL... day 106

Benjamin M.P


Hey everybody sorry its been awhile since my last post(not that any of you guys really read this anyway) haha...

ok so heres the deal...i've got quite a lot to say now..

I am on day 106.. half way through my 4th month. WHOA! time really moves when you get to the third month...:) My acne has improved drastically, i currently have no acne on my back or shoulders and only a couple pimples on my face, but they aren't very noticeable. I have some red marks that still kinda bother me but i think that they should fade faster once im off this stuff...?? which leads me to believe that 5 months instead of 6 months might be the way to go. A few days ago my face was clear of all pimples but the red marks kinda still make it look like i have acne from far away. my face is so smooth its pretty nice. its far from perfect but im starting to see some significant progerss i think.

im kinda concerned with one thing, the drynessssssssssssssssssss. OH MY LORD. when i first started getting legit dry around the end of month one, i figured id be able to deal with the intensity of that dryness for another 5 months...but let me be clear for those of you who are still thinking about going on it or JUST started your treatment... you get dry and all, but the dryness doesn't stop getting more and more intense(atleast for me). I was moderately dry for the first 3 months really, but recently ive reached a new extreme... im talking dry patches all over my face that can sometimes be worse than having actual pimples.. especially at THE CORNERS OF MY LIPS... JESUS... this accutane shit is not for the faint of heart, its alot harder than i suspected. its definitley a rough ride.

Because of the excessive dryness i've moved from using CeraVe Cleanser and then CeraVe Cream moisturizer toooo ONLY using warm water from the shower on my face anf then moisturizer...

ive reduced the amount of showers i take... MAX:1 shower a day! no more than that. if im gonna sweat after playing basketball or running i make sure to plan my one shower accordingly...

a few days ago i got burnt with SPF 90...WTF?WTF?WTF? is that even possible. skin is very sensitive so be careful...nosebleeeds are more frequent than before and soreness is also more frequent but that could be from my running..

Another thing, im running a marathon on March 20th 2011, and so i have been conditioning...running 3 miles, building up to 6 miles, then 9, and now i've reached 13 miles. and let me tell you... IM SORE as balls when i wake up in the mornings. 26 miles seems sorta far fetched but ive already come this far so ill continue.

i have a dermatologist appointment tomorrow for more blood work and stuff so ill see what i have to do and if she will recommend me taking it for another couple of months or if 5 months will be just as effective... i dunnno, ive been on primarily 60mg this whole time, i got drunk really fast when i drank this past weekend and have decided to stop for the remainder of my course. hahahaha... you guys who drink on this stuff probably know what im talking about. i am going on spring break early april(a week before id finsih a 6 month treatment) which could be rough with alcohol and loads of sun from the beach...whatta ya think??

anyway some questions i have for yall(people with experience and/or those who finished an entire course):

how much more effective will a 5 month treatment be instead of a 6 month treatment for somebody whos acne is completley gone at month 4??

is it okay to NOT wash with any cleansers and let the shower pressure water do the cleaning alone?? reducing irritation??

thanks guys! comments are appreciated!:D hang in there for those who still are facing initial breakout:D


Id suggest you skip that marathon, its too tiresome on body ATM while on tane.I was getting heat flushes/dryness/soreness so I thought no point dealing with it one extra month, so it was 5 months for me. If acne comes back Ill ask the derm another tane session.Its okay to use plain water when you feel your skin wont handle a cleanser. Remember- the colder the water, the less irritation, so adjust accordingly. If I feel I need some heavier cleansing- I wash with slightly hotter water. But when irritated- colder for sure.

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did you have redmarks? and if you did, did they fade any faster while off the treatment??and thanks for the advice on cold water, i took a colder shower yesterday after a run and it felt a lot less irritated. unfortunately about the marathon its already set in stone...im sort of concerned but i think ill be able to pull through with a little more training....HOPEFULLY haha;)

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Yes, I have plenty of red marks and scars. They seem to fade but it takes time- months, some discoloration I have lasts for years already. Well, thats me.Check red marks section in the forums. I heard SPF is a must in the sun if you want red marks gone, so youre doing it right =)The less irritant stuff you put, the faster theyll heal, thats my breakdown. Moisturizer with AHA acids once in a while help, I have one, but using it once in 2 day periods (or when I feel my skin can handle it).Some professional basketball players and even some weightlifters complained here about joint pains while on tane. Youre just a human being, Id consider it one more time. GL =)

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