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Day 11



Seems all I needed was a good night's sleep. Muscle pain has subsided, though not completely. Sometimes it feels like there's a huge knot in the outside of my right quad.

Today I went to the gym and kicked my own ass. The minor muscle pain didn't interfere with my workout at all; in fact, it was nearly gone by the time I made it to the gym this afternoon.

My eyes are less itchy today too. We'll see how that progresses.

My face is definitely drier than usual. However, "usual" is "oil-slick status" and lately my face has been "normal" looking :) One of the positive side effects! May as well enjoy this one while I can.

Acne status: One or two new active cystic pimples. :D Deeeep under the surface. Gah. The older ones are going away, but they're pretty red from my picking. I know, I know. I gotta stop.


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Hey Kaz2y5!! ahh i feel like day 11 was yesterday...let me tell you what to expect right about now... you are probably going to break out like crazy! and it will subside really quickly! so don't fret! your pimples come and go like no tomorrow when you're on the stuff. when i was a couple weeks in i started feeling discouraged because its hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel! haha, DONT stop taking it once youve started. thats the one and only thing that will prevent you from getting the destined awesome results!!! id recommend a cool cleanser like "CeraVe" its what i use! you can also use cetaphil! i use CeraVe cleanser, and CeraVe cream moisturizer! so basically youre going to start getting dry right? yeah youre gonna get significantly dry around the end of month 1... but wait, im not finished...the intensity of the dryness doesn't stop there. just when you think you cannot get any drier.. guess what? you do! hahah. for some people it wont bother them, but for me my face was like covered in a web of dried up skin. especially around the corners of my mouth. my big break out stopped toward the beginning of month 3 id say. im on day 106 and the dryness has finally gotten to the point where i cannot handle even the most gentle gentle cleanser! hmm... i just let the warm water pressure tun on my face and i feel fine and less irritated.AND DONT!! DONTDONTDONTDONT pop those nasty pimples!! no matter how much it bothers you! you do not want lasting nasty red marks from impatience! thats one of the biggest things i can tell you. you will get better quicker results if you refrain from all the popping. you're going to be great!!! the accutane rollercoaster is a rough ride! believe me i know, i had some mild depression at the very beginning cuz my skin looked the worst its ever been, but im going to have the best skin ive had since pre-puberty in acouple of months so im ecstatic!!check out my blog if you get the chance! ill keep checkin in on you to see your progress, ask me any questions you have and i will answer. i know a lot about this drug now and will be happy to answer any and all questions:),BENJAMIN

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Hey, thanks! Yeah I know the side effects are coming... like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I know the train is aiming for me too. I'm glad the accutane is working for you. Keep it up. :boohoo: I can't wait to be at day 106... it's so much closer to the end!

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Hi Kaz2y5, Just letting you know that im following your blog - so keep it up! haha :boohoo: I am at day 14 so am roughly at the same stage as you...goodluck to us both :D

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