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Day 28 - No progress!



I still see no progress with my acne. I have new cystic acne and white heads. My jaw line has rows of pimples and they hurt...I'm back to not being able to sleep on my side....I'mreally fustrated.... :) I really want things to get better and there not. My diet is great, i get enough sleep and I am really healthy....

Why isn't my face getting better????



when i look at your last 2 posts +Day28 it seems that you are getting a mixed bag of good and bad from accutane so far. i looked at your 2 pics i could not tell how bad it really is but i can tell it's bad by your blog posts tho. my Female friend was on accutane for a 1yr 1/2 from july 2008 till jan of 2010 and her skin was Very bad. she was having a mix of good and bad for about 40-60days then month 6 is when things got better then at the end of that year her skin looked the way i remembered it when we was 12yr old lol. watching user accutane vids on youtube can help also. i know you can get deeply Fustrated with your acne i've been their, things will get better for you down the road it's just your face has too take a beating 1st i guess just try your best to keep yo head up. you will smile when you look back on this blog when your skin is clear.

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Thank you so much for your encouraging words! I'm going to go on you tube and look....Ugh I am so very upset....I just want new pimples to stop coming up....Thanks again!

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