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Day 8



So I'm sitting here at school doing absolutely nothing at the moment, but I'm excited about my skin so I wanted to update. (I may update later too, depends on if I have anything new to say! :))

I have a lot of red marks. Like, a lot. I'm extremely fair skinned so red marks stand out a lot and most pimples leave them for me. It sucks but they always fade at least. Anyway, because of my red marks I have a hard time sometimes really judging the condition of active pimples. - So when I put my foundation on and everything's covered, it's easy to see what's a pimple sticking up and what's a red mark.

Well today I only have three raised "pimples"! One of them is one of the little annoying pimples I've been getting on my chin that are disappearing so fast on the regimen now and the other is a pimple I got on my right cheek that's healing up really fast. On my left cheek there's a "pimple" as well but I hesitate to even really call it that.

Mid January I started getting this pimple on my left cheek, *three* weeks ago. By late January it had developed into this huge, awful, disgusting nasty pimple with multiple heads. (LOL It sounds like I'm talking about some mythological beast, but damn that pimple sort of was, it was awful, and right on the front of my cheek!) It had started healing and going down before the regimen but since starting the DKR it just keeps going down and down. It's still raised but it keeps getting better and it definitely no longer hurts or anything.

So far anyway my skin's fast on its way to healing up these pimples! That being said I know that I could easily break out again, especially considering some people have a breakout during the second week, which I'm now into.

Either way I'm not worried or discouraged, I'm excited because it's obvious the regimen is making changes on my skin I've never seen before! Good changes! It's exciting. :D


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