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Hyper Beam


Up late because I'm stressing (ever so slightly) about tomorrow. My interview got bumped up, but I think everything will be okay. I've been through so many rejections by this point that I have everything prepared and in order already, it's just the act of going through the interview and doing it that's difficult. Went and did a check on my face (not that there's anything I could do by this point anyway, but still) just a moment ago, and all is well. The redness isn't so bad, and I think I can keep the flaking under control at least through tomorrow morning. I'm planning to get up extra early to make sure my regimen is all in order, plus give myself some time to get my head on straight. Maybe a cup of tea or something. I've had almost no caffeinated beverages since I started the regimen and drinking more water about a week ago. I've definitely had many fewer headaches and just have a better feeling overall, which seems to correlate with my water intake. This is pretty good. I also got a package in the mail from a friend today, which was a lovely boost to my mood. I am hoping the good mood lasts through tomorrow morning. I keep reminding myself that I can do this! My face looks great, and all I have to do is have the confidence to match. :)


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