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Day 7



Hello everyone!

I haven't updated in several days because there really wasn't anything to update with. I'm sitting right now waiting for my BP to dry so that I can go put my moisturizer on. :D

I've come to really enjoy doing the regimen. I'm not sure why, but I kind of like the "down time" where I'm waiting for BP to dry and absorb and whatnot before moving on to moisturizer or whatever. I also love the feeling of each time doing the regimen I'm closer and closer to clear skin!

My skin is incredibly flaky. I'm trying not to wear tons of foundation but the foundation I do wear my skin's texture is just not sexy at all. Not that I really care because I know it's totally short-term but my skin is flaky and the areas that aren't flaking off have a layer of dead skin that makes my skin look rougher than I know it is. :) All I care about is that underneath the yucky dead skin is nice smooth skin!

My pimples though seem to be getting better. I had two on my right cheek and one literally sprang up and disappeared within a couple days and the other one is on its way to healing up right now. :D On my left cheek I had a new pimple crop up as well this past week that's almost completely gone. I have another "bump" on that cheek from a HUUGGEEE multi-headed pimple that was there way before I started the regimen and is going away now but is definitely one of those that's going to take some more time to flatten out. At least it's not painful and active anymore!

My chin has been odd this entire past week. It's been popping up with tiny pimples that come and then go away within a day or two at most. It seems to be getting better now. :evil: I think it's been purging, which I don't mind.

I find it interesting how fast these pimples I've gotten this past week are going away. In the past pimples would take me a minimum of a week to be gone and usually longer, so these "several day" pimples are awesome in comparison!


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