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Start of Fructose Malabsorption and Acne Experiment




I have been in denial about the possibility of me having Fructose Malabsorption for far to long now. I know i have something wrong with my digestion and i know i have mild acne but i have never been able to work out what is causing either and whether there is a connection at all between the two. After years of messing around with one hting and another, taking god knows what vitamins and supplements, without really putting too much effort in, i am now going to focus on the possibility i may have some kind of Fructose Malabsorption.

What has led me to make this connection

I have always had mild digestion problems. I have never really worked out for sure what causes them.

Sometimes when i eat fruti with other foods i get bloating/gas and pain/cramps.

Same with:


Tomato based dishes such as pasta and sardines on toast.


Onion bhajis are probably the worst culprit.

Raw onion.

I thought it might be gluten, tried not eating it for a few weeks = no noticable change.

Thought it might be dairy, tried not eating it for a few weeks = no noticable change.

Because of tomatoes i thought it might be histamines, tried not eating it for a few weeks = not much change.

Now the worst one. I read about fructose and fruit causing problems and even though i thought it was a load of BS i entertained the idea and tried not eating for a few weeks. Now i do think i noticed some improvement but because i was probaly against the idea from the start i just dismissed any results i saw.

After years of half hearted "research" and "experimentation" the only possible explanation for my problems i can find, that could possibly explain my symptoms and maybe a connection between them is Fructose malabsorption.

Fructose Malabsorption is a digestive disorder in which absorption of fructose is impaired by deficient fructose carriers in the small intestine's enterocytes. This results in an increased concentration of fructose in the entire intestine.

Fructose is absorbed in the small intestine without help of digestive enzymes. Even in healthy persons, however, only about 25-50g of fructose per sitting can be properly absorbed. Persons with fructose malabsorption may absorb less than 25g per sitting (NB: Amount is arbitrarily determined according to investigation of fructose absorption in many individuals). In the large intestine, fructose that hasn't been adequately absorbed osmotically reduces the absorption of water and is metabolized by normal colonic bacteria to short chain fatty acids and the gases hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane. This abnormal increase in hydrogen is detectable with the hydrogen breath test.

The physiological consequences of fructose malabsorption include increasing osmotic load, providing substrate for rapid bacterial fermentation, changing gastrointestinal motility, promoting mucosal biofilm and altering the profile of bacteria. These effects are additive with other short-chain poorly absorbed carbohydrates such as sorbitol. The clinical significance of these events depends upon the response of the bowel to such changes; they have a higher chance of inducing symptoms in people with functional gut disorders than asymptomatic subjects. Some effects of fructose malabsorption are decreased tryptophan, folic acid and zinc in the blood.

Restricting dietary intake of free fructose and/or fructans may provide symptom relief in a high proportion of patients with functional gut disorders, but quality evidence may be lacking.

- I have always had a gut feeling that my internal bacteria were some how playing a role in my acne but i was never sure what.


  • Bloating (from fermentation in the small and large intestine)
  • Diarrhea and/or constipation
  • Flatulence
  • Stomach pain (as a result of muscle spasms, the intensity of which can vary from mild and chronic to acute but erratic)
  • Vomiting (if great quantities are consumed)
  • Early signs of mental depression

Obviously as there is a diagnosic test it would make sense for me to get this done first, but because of one thing and another this isn't an option and i will just be adjusting my diet first to see what happens.


High. I browsed through your blog...haha some parts were funny like when you mention using Bp and 'raped skin" ahahah. so true. i love all the research. your blog is interesting but I got lost in it. I do not understand your diet. I'm guessing you are experimenting with different foods? Save yourself some time and heartache go to an endocrinologist for a hormone test. then go to an allergy doc for an allergy test. Doing so will allow you to find the root cause of your acne so that you can formulate the best treatment. Acne is our body reacting to something going wrong internally. The root cause is different for everyone. What may work for another may not work for you and what hasn't worked for you may work for another. And on an earlier post you mentiont hat probiotics might be bad. there is no way it can be. Those really help your body absorb nutrients better and allow for better digestion. it also helps neutralize candida caused by sugars ang gluten. so aint nothing wrong with probiotics. I think it would help you more than not. its good bacteria, not the bad kind. besides that. still love your posts...

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Hi, thanks for the input and sorry for the late reply. I mainly just come on here now to put a quick food report up and i missed your comment.Yeah you are right lol, this blog is a mess!I wanted to start a food diary a while ago and i didn't really get used to writing it down for some reason so when i saw there was a blog feature on here i just ended up using that and have stuck with it now.My approach to diet really is haphazard, to the outside i know it must look insane lol. My problem is i have trouble sticking to a diet for any prolonged period of time when i am not getting results. Basically i am very impatient when in fact most people say you need to give change in diets time before you will start to see the benefits.One of the reason i keep messing around with diet so much though is because my changes to diet never seem to make any difference to my skin and more often than not i seem to see negative impacts of my skin.The only thing i seem to have stuck to is gluten free but there is no reason for this now, i'm almost certain gluten has no effect on me and yet i am now addicted to being gluten free lol.You are very right about getting the tests down, the only thing is unless you have a lot of money in this country getting doctors to refer you to anyone is very difficult especially for allergy tests etc. I have asked before but they dismiss it and they do not like being told what to do lol.Yeah, diet and digestion in my opinion are a mind field and we still have a lot to learn. Things never seem to be as simple as some people like to make out or acne and other health problems wouldn't be such an issue in the first place.I have a [gut] feeling that gastronintestinal bacteria are key to acne somehow i just don't know how. I think this is the reason why probiotics break me out. I have tried many forms of probiotics and they all seem to break me out to different degrees. If you look at the discussions on probiotics there do seem to people that report they have negative effects on their skin along with the people who say they help.I am starting to think fibre, some types of which are essentially prebiotics, is having a weird effect on me. We often here about how we should eat plenty of fibre but in my case i'm not sure certain types are agreeing with me. Not sure if it's insoluble or soluble or what types or why. For example i think i produce more gas if a eat cooked carrots rather than raw carrots, which goes against the usual health benefits of eating raw.Overall i think gastrointesinal [gut] bacteria is very complicated and different for everyone like you say. Supposedly there are about ten times as many microorganisms in the intestines of the human body as there are cells and the human body only consists of about 100 trillion cells lol.Anyway now i'm rambling again now, cheers for the input.

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