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Day 5. (OUCH)



So this morning I wake up with ALOT of flaking, not great for a day of school to be honest. I went in and tried to keep my face down as much as possible, even my friends noticed I was a bit off. I just said i was tired. Got home, flaking like hell!

Everything always is perfect on the wrong day though! I'm seeing Black Swan on wednesday, really, really looking forward to it. I also manged to get 2.5% BP on prescription! ALSO, I got a job interview on Friday where a couple of mates work. PERFECT. if i'm still flaking by then though, not so so great......

I did however order jojoba oil from amazon, hopefully it will come on Wednesday or Thursday in time to get rid of the flaking for Friday's interview. If not, I'm going to panic. Maybe the flakes will come and go by then? I seem to be getting through this regime at a fast past to be honest. My initial break out came 3 days after the start of the routine and are fading quickly. The redness and irritation is starting to decrease, but the sides of my mouth are horribly dry and red. Just got to stick it out and have the right mindset.

Speaking of mindsets, if people ask me why im red or flaking over the next few days, i'm just going to tell them the truth. It makes me feel so much better and I think it's sort of a relief to know that you're not hiding anything and just being open. I told a few friends today and they just looked at me like I was crazy, one friend even said 'You don't even have acne!', but hey ho, live and learn.

So it's 10.15pm. I just put on my moisturizer and it stung like HELL! Really hoping I get used to this soon, it's not a nice sensation, considering I still feel as dry as a nun after. Hoping the jojoba makes my week and comes soon!

The girlfriend is also at a Karaoke tonight, she said if she sings, she'll endeavour to sing one of two of our songs. Either 'Dusk and Summer' by Dashboard Confessional, or 'Collide' by Howie Day. Bit gay, but it's a loving relationship, it's allowed! Seeing her in around 10 days too!

My next target for this regime, is to be able to smile and to be clear enough to go out with my girlfriend next Friday. Wish me luck everyone! New update tomorrow night! :)


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