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Day 64



Day 66

Its been quite awhile since my last post. Honestly, not a lot has been happening with my skin these past couple weeks. Its still looking pretty good. MUCH better than three months ago, before I started taking Accutane.

I had my regular bloodwork/check-in with the derm last week. She said that everything looks good and that I should continue to see improvements. I'm still projected to be done at 120 days, which means I'm over halfway there now. Woohoo! And she kept me at 60mg of Amnesteem/day.

Current skin condition:

-Dry and peely on my nose. I had a cold last week, and the constant nose-blowing mixed with the winter weather and the Accutane has led to my nose looking prety horrid right now.

-The patch of rough bumps on my chin is STILL a bit of a mess. It gets inflamed, then dries up, then peels, then feels smooth. I asked my derm about it last week. She suggested I try my best not to exfoliate or pick at it, even when its peeling. She said to treat it like a scab, and let it scab over completely and it should go away. We'll see.

-Very little oiliness on my face these days. YAY!

-Only two very small new actives in the past week (both on my chin). Otherwise CLEAR! :)

Current side effects:

-None other than dry lips and some fatigue.

Current products/skin care routine:

-Have started to use Olay Daily Facials both night and morning rather than face wash. Loving it. Makes my skin feel very soft and moisturized.

Have a good week!

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Im so happy to hear of your progress!!! I'm just now feeling a little better about the whole thing, im really getting over that initial breakout hump(no more breakouts, really!!) check out my blog!!I really believe that month 3 is where things start to take effect. for me it was towards the end of it, beginning month 4 but i think its different for everybody, y aknow?? what do you think about the do nothing regimen as the intensity of the dryness increases?? i used to wash my face with a gentle gentle cleanser called CeraVe but to be honest it makes my face cherry red and irritates it to the point i think i should just let the water pressure do the trick... hahah and also how many months are you doing, 5?6? im suppose to carry out a full 6month treatment but i think that 5months could be fine too. my friend only did it for like 3.5-4 and he cleared up great and is still clear...hm? the red marks are the worst part it seems for me, and those seem to fade more efficiently while being off the drug.. anyway this drug is some heavy shit, congrats on sticking wwith it!!!

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