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Wrapping up my first month:)



Let me start by saying that people really freaked me out about Accutane. I have 4 friends/ family members who have taken accutane. 3 are not dramatic by nature, one is. Coincidentally, the three who are not prone to complaining had no serious side affects, the one who is...well she had side affects. That may be TOTAL coincidence. She has always had joint pain and accutane made it unbearable for her. She really really was in pain. She spent alot of her treatment laid up on the couch with bags of frozen peas on her knees cuz they hurt.

The other three people I know, as well as my acquaintances who have taken it, were fine. The people who really worried me and basically told me I was gonna die for my vanity had never been on the drug, but had seen the commercials for law suits about people's colons falling out and stuff. I understand why this would worry them. My mom said I would end up wearing my butt in a bag, but frankly, I didn't believe that. My doctor said that people who ended up with ulcerative colitis usually had previous intestinal issues.

I started Accutane on January 3rd and it is already making a world of difference for my skin. I am not suicidal, and I am no more depressed than I usually was. Sometimes I get down, but that is a normal part of life.

Symptoms thus far. The only things that may actually fall off are my lips. Dry dry dry, but expected. I use A&D ointment on them. It is 15% lanolin, and mainly petroleum jelly. It does wonders. Chapstick does nothing.

My most recent side effect is chest pain. I used to get this same pain when I was a little girl. I would tell my mom it felt like my heart was sticking to my ribs when I breath deeply. It is a sharp pain on the left side of my chest if I breathe in or out deeply. When I was a kid it only lasted for 10 minutes or so, but this has been this way for about 15 hours now. Excedrin helps.

My initial breakout was a walk in the park. It wasn't as bad as my skin has been before. I do have one confession. I am a picker. Not at zits, but the darn blackheads. The ones on my nose and chin just UGH! They look so creepy, I have to squeeze. Part of the initial breakout involved those becoming more pronounced but now (after squeezing, which may cause some scarring) they are pretty much gone and are not coming back. It seems like my glands are not producing as much sebum.

Let me say that acne is as much a psychological issue as it is a physical one. I stopped being self-conscious about my acne the day I realized I was taking a proactive step to rid myself of it. I feel better. If there must be risks to feel better, I will take them :)


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