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About me and my solution trying to get rid of acne



Hi everyone, I'm shereece I'm eighteen years old. My story begins when I was around thirteen years old. I was in eighth grade and got my first pimple! :) so I figured they would just magically go away on their own... Little did I know that was not the case, my mom was telling me wash ur face don't eat greasy foods blah blah. So washing my face wasn't helping I was still breaking out? At the end of eighth grade I had so many scars all across my forehead from constantly picking at that point I didn't get acne anywhere but my forehead... My mom would always yell at me and scalded me for picking, popping, touching my face in anyway. So in ninth grade nothin was getting better I went to the doctor and he gave me a prescription for erythromycin that I was on for a while .. That didn't work. Then I moved to acne free, proactive, they didn't work either.. Then my doctor prescribed me a topical clear gel that didn't work , then differin in tenth grade which made my skin way irritated and didn't work also.. In eleventh grade I finally scheduled a derma appointment and gave me one a used in the morning and a scar remover with that and at night with benzyol peroxide it did work and made my scars fade a lot.. I didn't really use anything when I was in twelfth grade I just graduate 2010 I was prescribed yaz tho hoping it would clear up my skin ... It has a tiny bit I've been on that for two years. So I have another dermatologist appointment soon it's been a while since I been there but I want to ask her about retin a I heard that It does wonders for a lot of people I'm eighteen now and all I want is clear skin is that so hard to ask... We'll were all in this together good luck to everyone else also


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