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January 30, 2011

Chelsea B.


Well since this is my first post, I think I am going to tell a little about myself and my acne. My name is Chelsea. I am 16 years old - almost 17. I live in upstate, NY. I love volleyball and track. I remember when I got my first pimple. I thought it was the nastiest thing ever. I was in fourth grade and it was right on my forehead. I know that sounds so young to get it, but my mom said it was probably just because I didn't wash my face. After that I didn't get any pimples until I was in seventh grade. I got a few on the back of my neck but they weren't TOO serious. By eighth grade I would get a pimple a little more frequently, but never too often - for the most part I had beautiful skin. Ninth grade was in my opinion when my skin was at its best. I don't remember ever having a single pimple on my face, neck, back, ANYWHERES! Tenth grade is when it started to get bad. I started taking a vitamin called Biotin, and that I think is what sparked my acne. I started taking that and after a week or so I noticed I was getting pimples all over my back. I stopped taking Biotin immediately, but as the winter progressed, my acne got worse. It's really bad on my back even today. I'm currently a junior in high school, and my acne is at its worst that it has ever been. I have it horribly on my face, neck, chest, and shoulders. I have tried everything under the sun to get this gone, but nothing has seemed to work. I'm ridiculously self conscious about my skin. I never used to wear makeup until this year, and now I feel like a cake face. I'm starting to cry thinking about it. I don't pop my pimples, yet they're starting to scar. Today I woke up and I'm almost positive that my acne is at it's worst. There is 18 days until my dermatologist appointment, I really hope that he can help. I have prom this year, and I'm so scared of what people are going to say when they see my back. I read a lot about accutane and I am going to ask my dermatologist about it and see if maybe I could be put on it.

Well I'm going to stop here. I think I'll post a picture of my face, I don't want to post my back because I am really self conscious about that and don't want anyone to see that, yet.

Here is the picture of my face:


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