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Day 26 - new pimples...



Good Morning ALL! Well last night was really interesting....I had the worst headache I have EVER had in my entire life! I had to take 4 excederin pills to aliviate the pain. That was a brand new side effect for me...But I did wake up feeling better.

I do have two new white heads on each side of my jaw. Is almost like white heads have to come out in pairs... :D Who knows...lol

I continue to be dry, but I welcome the oil free days of my face....My lips I'm still controlling vasaline...I personally do not mind the dryness at all...

By the end of the week It will be a full month I have been on accutane and I see my derm.....It's going to be an interesting visit..:)

Hope all is well with everyone.... :D


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