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week 1 ends!

Hyper Beam


My first week is finally over! I feel like I've made huge progress. I'm uploading comparison pictures, but it seems that they have to be approved before I can display them, so they'll be coming eventually. I've been sticking to my routine of washing and doing my regimen in the morning, going about my day, doing a workout and then showering at night and doing my nighttime regimen. I've also been consistently consuming more water. I've put together a pitcher in my fridge just for water, so I can see throughout the day how much I have left to go and it's always nice and chilly. Cold water just tastes better.Today has been the first day that my skin has seriously started flaking, but it's mainly in my chin area and around my mouth. It's not even very bad, and I think it'll eventually stop once this layer of skin turns over and the new stuff surfaces. I think I've got a handle on what amount of BP works best for me, and I've been sticking to it. (A dab about the size of a quarter, maybe a little bigger.) I've been playing around with moisturizers, and I think I might try running with just CeraVe or pick up some of Dan's moisturizer for the long haul. The Neutrogena stuff with SPF is nice, but I'm having trouble getting it to absorb sometimes. Sometimes it goes right on, sometimes not. It's odd. I am so seriously impressed by the progress I've made in just one week. I am sure there will be some weeks between now and clear skin where it seems like nothing is happening, but I am prepared to hang in there. I just have to keep reminding myself what the end goal is, and that if I've done so much already I can do the rest, too. My evening workouts have been a nice co-dependent habit alongside my regimen. I'm alternating days doing whatever aerobics I feel like on one night, and then running the next night. I've also made it a new goal to go out walking a few times a week, and did so tonight, so it was almost like I got in a double workout. In total I think I walked/ran 3-4 miles today in total. My legs are really feeling it, but that's why I'm alternating days - so my muscles can get a break on the off days and feel ready to go on running days. So far it is working. Though it's only sort of indirectly related to my skin, my physical fitness goal is to be more in shape so I can be much more active this summer. Working on improving the condition of my skin has really made me think about my health overall, and I'm feeling really motivated to do better things for my body. I'm not really overweight, but I'm not in great shape. My skin has been a wreck for years. I can do something about these things, and I'm going to.


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