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Day 3.



So yeah, this is my third day on Dan's regimen. I'm using Panoxyl Acnegel (2.5%), Nivea Oil Free Fluid Moisturizer and a simple PH friendly Cleanser.

Things are going, well, better than expected. I played a gig last night, it may have been the lighting, or lack of, but my skin looked fine. No redness and only surefire signs of a few fading spots. Coming home into a different light however did show a lot of inflammation

It's now my 3rd night on the regimen, I apply half a fingers length of BP and a LOT of moisturizer. I'm going to be pumping up to full dose BP perhaps by Thursday, defintiely depends on my progress thoguh. It stings a lot when I apply the Nivea and the BP doesn't half dry my mouth shut, but it's all for a good cause I guess.

I'm going shopping with my ex tomorrow, we've become very close friends recently, almost like brother and sister, my current girlfriend of 13 months doesn't seem too pleased about it, but she respects the fact the I still have friends on my side of the country! Hopefully no one will stare too much at my tomato styled tan.

Which leads me to introduce everything about this blog! My name is Charlie and I live in Bedfordshire in the UK. I'm 18 yearas old. My girlfriend and I have been together for 13 happy months and she has moved to Lincoln (100 miles away) to study Law at University. I'll hopefully be studying Philosophy at York this year (fingers crossed). I started this regimen 2 weeks prior to going up and visiting her for a couple of days, so here's hoping that the redness will have faded away! I have suffered from mild/moderate acne for a good 3 years and was prescribed erythromyocin tablets a year ago. This definitely reduced my acne but it wasn't good enough, so I started Dan's regimen on Thursday 27th in my attempt to rid it!

All questions about my regimen and my progress are welcome. This site has the most supportive community and I would love to do my best to be a part of it. I would love to hear your side of your stories and opinons.


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