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Day 4



I'm a total makeup junkie. I have been for years, I love the stuff. I love playing with new looks, trying new things and transforming my face. Unfortunately though, foundation and concealer aren't "fun" like getting to play with eye and lip colors are. They're just there to make me feel normal, as I'm sure any woman with acne can relate.

I know Dan doesn't recommend wearing makeup when first starting the regimen but at this point I just don't feel confident enough going out without at least some coverage. I've been trying to compromise though and am wearing a lot less foundation and concealer and forgoing contouring and illuminating altogether. My skin definitely doesn't look as nice when I go out but I figure it's a small price to pay for clear skin in the future. :)

Today was day 4 on the regimen. My skin is very flaky, which is to be expected. :D I'm also getting these tinnyyy whiteheads, mostly on my chin. They seem to go away very fast but my chin is just sort of sore altogether. I don't believe I've ever had a "purging" breakout but for some reason I just kinda feel like that's what my skin is doing right now, as on top of the tiny whiteheads i have another pimple on my chin now that hurts, fortunately it's not big.

I wouldn't say my skin's improved much but I really feel like it's going through a purging phase, I'm not sure if it's the jojoba oil causing it to purge or if it's just the regimen itself but I'm expecting my skin to go up and down for the next several weeks so I'm not discouraged. :D


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