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6 weeks - I need to stop picking my skin



Another week has gone by and I have to say that's been a real tough week. This week I've gotten red zits and big white heads on my forehead.

What I hate right now is that I've gotten pimples near my mouth, especially on my upper lip, which on my opinion is the worse place you can get a pimple because it's so obvious! Yesterday I had this big white head right on my upper lip and it was so embarrassing 'cause I knew that people were looking at it. And you know what, I made it worse because I popped it! ): I have this reaaaaallly bad habit of picking my skin and I've tried so hard not to but it's such difficult habit to break! I know that if I stopped touching my face and picking at my acne the progress of this would probably be a lot quicker. I think my new goal is to stop touching my face, I know it would help a lot so hopefully I can stick with that. I'll try to avoid looking in mirrors 'cause that's how it kinda starts, I'll see all the imperfections and just start picking at it! If anybody knows any tips on how to stop this horrible habit please tell me, I would really appreciate it!

Um yeah, so it's just been more pimples on my face. Although one good thing is that I had this cluster of white heads near the side of my forehead and now they're pretty small, like you can't even see them anymore. So I guess that's something positive but I still feel pretty down 'cause there's waaay more on my face. Right now I have this big white head on my upper lip and I'm fighting the urge to pop it. (Hopefully it'll be small by the end of the weekend 'cause I feel extremely self concious) Oh another thing is that my forehead, especially near my hairline, it is SUPER itchy. I read that was one of the side effects so I guess I'll just deal with it.

I'm still going to stick with this. Like I said, I'm putting a lot of faith on this product. Another thing that's keeping me going is that little cluster of pimples that are now gone...I guess that's what's going to happen to the rest of my pimples over time, or at least I hope so. So yeah, I'll just keep on waiting. Hopefully by the 8th week I'll actually start seeing some major improvements.

Update in another week!



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