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first time using saw palmetto



im female and im 21 and have had acne since i was 12. right now i have mild acne...but it fluctuates. its mostly around my jawline and hairline. every once in a while i get some on my cheeks. and every regimen i try always starts out so promising..and then about a month later my skin is back to its crappy self. about 4-5 years ago i took accutane(which i would never do again) and my lil bro did too. his acne has not come back.. but mine did almost immediately after we were off the stuff. my acne is mostly hormonal driven, and gets worse closer to my period. birth control has helped, but i always felt crappy while on birth control. so ive been reading some stuff online and on this site about saw palmetto and decided id give it a try!

its my second day..so no results yet.

im taking vitamin world saw palmetto standardized extract 85-95% fatty acids and sterols. 320mg with lunch.

ive heard that for women it usually takes a higher dosage, so for one month i will take 320mg..if i dont see any improvement then i will take 320mg twice a day..if still no improvements after another month then im done!

what im using now...

st. ives naturally clear apricot cleanser. its a cream cleanser.. i put it on my face dry before i get into the shower at night. (i use it mostly to remove makeup)

then i use burts bees natural acne solutions with 1.0% salicylic acid.

when im done with my shower i put y.s. organic bee farms RAW honey all over my face and i leave it on anywhere between 15mins to 2 or 3 hrs. i love it! i have really dry skin(yes one of those dry skinned acne sufferers) and this helps with it sooo much. not only that but it really helps with acne scars and red spots! i recommend using honey! but it has to be a raw honey. i tried regular pure honey and it itched and sucked.

i rinse it off with cool water, then i put some lavendar toner on followed by celestial orchid milk lotion from lush.

in the morning i jus splash with luke warm water, then cool water. then do the toner and lotion. if i wash my face in the morning i get way too dried out.

has anyone else had any luck with saw palmetto?!

ill keep you updated!


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